To be considered Organic, product should have certification that assures it and also should:
Not contain GMO (genetically modified organisms)
Not have been submitted to radiation
Not contain chemical elements
The ecological productions mean improvement of quality of living of human being and protection of the environment, developing products and technologies that, with the rational use of natural resources and minor or null content of toxic substances, promote regeneration of renewable resources.
Organic productions give advantages to consumer because they present minor or null content of harmful substances to human health, assuring a commitment with the environment and own quality of living, because these products go for the conservation of diversity and biological complexity of ecosystems, optimizing biotic activity of soil, soil that provides nutrients destined to vegetal and animal living, so as to conservation of fertility.
Organic extra virgin olive oil
Organic olives
Organic aromatic herbs, spices and seeds
Organic dried fruits
Organic honey
Organic sugar
Organic syrup
Organic molasses
Organic peanuts
Organic jams, fruit spreads and Patagonian fruits